Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan responded to a fan on Twitter over the weekend about the band’s music not being available for streaming online, essentially hinting that he’s not responsible for the situation. Replying to the fan’s plea that Keenan “help keep Tool as relevant and accessible as it’s always been,” Keenan simply replied, “Squawking at the wrong tool.” As it currently stands, Tool remain one of the highest profile rock acts to have not taken part in the digital revolution of the music industry. The band’s music remains largely unavailable through any legal retail digital music service, with official streaming options also essentially being non-existent. An early 2017 Bloomberg report stated that the band’s camp had been having meetings with Spotify and Apple Music to potentially make their music available for streaming. Two years later, Tool’s music is still missing from both services, indicating that the talks didn’t work out. Keenan is apparently being truthful about not being the holdout in the Tool camp, given that the music of his other two bands, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, is available across the board. Tool has been working on its first new album since 2006 for nearly a year, with the band entering the studio last March. Although the disc is said to be near completion, the group has yet to indicate a release date or even a title.