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Tool is apparently still having issues delivering back-ordered copies of the deluxe edition of its Fear Inoculum CD, with a number of fans outraged that the band has announced a second new edition of the set without shipping all orders of the first.

Angry fans took to social media earlier this month to vent about the delay in back orders for the first physical edition of the LP. A promised late September ship date for a second pressing came and went with apparently no one receiving their orders, while customer service at the band’s online store made vague promises or ignored queries.

With the band announcing an entirely different, “expanded book edition” of the album, fans took to the group’s Instagram page to chastise the band for not shipping orders of the first edition yet.

Now it seems that a number of fans still have not received their copies of the CD, while others have had their orders canceled without being asked. One fan posted a screen shot of his order that had been canceled “at your request.” He claimed he took no such action.

The members of Tool themselves are almost certainly not involved directly with the ordering issue or at fault. Guitarist Adam Jones told us a while back that the loyalty of Tool’s fans allows the band to do things on its own terms: [“Other bands who are successful come to our shows or see, like, our thing and go, ‘I don’t get it, dude. I don’t get how you do this. You’re not really on radio, you’re not, you know, you don’t play the game.’ And it’s because our fans are very passionate and we take kind of a back door to it.”] SOUNDCUE (:16 OC: . . . door to it.)

A representative for Tool, when asked for comment, told MetalSucks, “Nearly all of the orders have shipped out, and those that haven’t (a small number of international packages) will be out this week. We’ve had confirmation that some people have already received their shipments with the bulk in carrier’s hands, meaning within a week, the bulk of purchasers should have the CD.”