Tool guitarist Adam Jones is a lifelong wrestling fan and told Rolling Stone in a new interview how he first came to love the sport. Jones recalled, “I lived in the suburbs of Chicago, in Libertyville, so I didn’t get too much exposure to it except through UHF channels. I would watch some local stuff, but they would come and go so often that I don’t really remember what I was watching . . . I grew up with WWF, now WWE — it was one of my outlets; I was into horror movies and creepy comics, but also sports, so wrestling kind of had it all. And a lot of times there was blood!”

Jones added, “Wrestling truly makes me feel like a little kid. For a long time I kept it personal. You know, I wouldn’t tell people I was into it — but now that I’m older, I don’t give a s**t what people think about me. A lot of my friends give me s**t — ‘Why don’t you watch UFC? It’s real’ — but I tell them, ‘Look, what these guys do is exciting! It’s entertainment!’ No one is going to hit anyone with a chair in UFC.”

  • Jones has befriended several wrestlers over the years and even got to perform the national anthem at a SummerSlam event.
  • He even proposed to his wife Korin at a Royal Rumble event, saying, “It was f**king excellent. And then they start the Royal Rumble, and my wife goes, ‘Wait, was that real or part of the show?'”
  • Jones and Tool are currently writing their long-awaited new album, although the band is far away from finishing it and announcing a release date.

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