Slipknot has some of the most disgusting clothes ever on the road, according to Hans-Jürgen Topf, the world’s top specialist for tour laundry. Topf’s revelation was included in a New York Times profile of his company Rock ‘N’ Roll Laundry, a German service that provides fresh laundry for touring artists across the globe. Since founding the company in 1982, Topf has provided fresh clothes for the likes of Beyoncé, U2, Elton John and Madonna. Topf revealed that Slipknot’s trademark coveralls were “sprayed with beer, cream and fake blood, and left in garbage bags for three days” before he was asked to clean up the mess. Topf also admitted to occasionally messing up the garments he was hired to take care of, revealing that he once accidentally shrunk a pair of gold pants belonging to David Hasselhoff and “ruined” a $3,000 vest belonging to Janet Jackson. Topf, who claims to love his job, also said he used to find drugs in rock stars’ pockets all the time, but those days are gone. He remarked, “These days, I’m more likely to find an herbal tea bag.”