Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker unleashed a tirade online against a YouTube “star” who mocked Barker’s 10-year-old daughter and her Instagram posts. The YouTube user, RiceGum — who has over two million subscribers on the video streaming service — reportedly published a video on Wednesday (June 15th) in which he poked fun at Barker’s daughter.

Barker, on finding out about the video, had it removed and uploaded a video in which he posted Ricegum’s photo and said, “This lame is about to take the biggest f**kin L(oss) in history. I’ll make sure to video tape it so he can post it on his YouTube. Any leads on where this #pedafile lives please DM me.”

  • Barker told us a while back that he prefers to respond directly to people online when it comes to his private life and family: [“I don’t like to let people, no matter if it’s my wife, my ex-wife, anyone — if you say something ill or wrong or foul about me, I’m gonna make a comeback. Like, I’m gonna tell it how it is and I’m not gonna go to some lame tabloid and call them and do an interview with them, you know what I mean? I’ll talk to direct fans who are emailing me, telling me, like, ‘Yo, why is this happening? Why is she saying this? What’s this about?’ And I’ll just tell my fans, you know, ‘Check this out, this is the way it is.'”] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . way it is.)
  • RiceGum made further comments on Twitter after learning his video had been removed, while Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler — the girl’s mother — also jumped into the fray.
  • RiceGum wrote at one point, “I wasn’t even that mean! Her Instagram was public and I just added commentary to her pictures! No hard feelings.” He later added about Barker, “He just publicly threaten me… Can’t he get in trouble for that?”
  • Moakler wrote, “Wow you just roasted my 10 year old daughter on your pathetic channel. You have NOTHING better to do than tear down a kid?”
  • Moakler later wrote that the child was “devastated” and was receiving threatening and harassing messages from RiceGum’s followers.
  • Blink-182’s new album, California, comes out July 1st.

CHECK IT OUT: You can see Barker’s post and a number of Moakler’s tweets here, while RiceGum’s posts are copied here (warning – explicit language)


  • Have you or anyone in your family ever been attacked or mocked or harassed on social media?
  • Should RiceGum be banned for making fun of a 10-year-old girl?
  • Is 10 too young to be on social media? If you have kids, are they on social media and how old are they?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Alternative Nation — agree or not?

NG wrote: “Their daughter is 10, Ricegum wouldn’t have to watch the kid if her parents did! She’s too young to be on social media.”

elementg12 wrote: “It’s Travis who took an ‘L’ here cause RiceGum wasn’t even mean. You have to be 13 to use instagram anyway.”

sam wrote: “so its ok to bash someone if they are 13?? NO ITS NOT!!!!! age is not a factor in this! Its not ok to bash anyone for any reason let alone for the way they choose to live there life! kids and adults are killing themselves everyday over s**t like this, lets try and not encourage and praise people to be mean to others!!”

Maximoose Wray wrote: “if you dont want these things happening take your f**king 10 year old off f**king social media. Shanna’s just f**king retarded.”