Trivium is already looking ahead to its next album, with guitarist Corey Beaulieu telling that the band has already begun writing material for the follow-up to last year’s Silence In The Snow album. Beaulieu said, “We’re just constantly writing, all the time, because it’s just something we like to do. So, we have a lot of material already. Once we start thinking about a record, we’ll dive through it all and figure out what in the pile is what we’re looking to do for the direction of the record. Hopefully, we’re thinking about a record sometime next year. I think we’ll be in the timeframe for that.”

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto walked us through how the band comes up with songs: [“Usually someone will bring in the idea, whether it’s a riff, whether it’s a full idea or song structure, but we bring it together in the rehearsal spot and that’s kind of where we fine tune things, that’s where we’ll change stuff, and we’ve just learned the more that we have time to work on it amongst ourselves, the better the outcome usually is and it’s very collaborative between all of us.”] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . all of us.)

  • Beaulieu added that the band’s sound has evolved over the course of its career, explaining, “We’ve kind of grown. We have a broad sound. We really like the melodic side of things, and we can go to aggressive, the heavier side of metal. We’ve always had both elements, and then we’ve just used them in different ways.”
  • Trivium recently scored its first Top 10 hit at rock radio with “Until The World Goes Cold,” the third single from Silence In The Snow. The latest single is called “Dead And Gone.”
  • Trivium has climbed as high as Number 24 on the rock chart with singles from previous albums, but cracking the Top 10 is a career high for the Florida-based act, which made its recording debut in 2003.
  • The band has been touring with Sevendust and plays Friday night (May 13th) in Clear Lake, Iowa.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the video for “Dead And Gone”:


  • Which way should Trivium go on its next album, more commercial or heavier?
  • Do you think the band will be tempted to go for another big radio song?
  • Did you know these guys had seven albums out or have you discovered them only recently?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Brian Taylor wrote: “I will still support this band, but IMO Silence in the Snow is the band’s worst album.”

Jay Ramagost wrote: “What was once my favorite band has fallen. There new music just sounds weird and it doesn’t stick. Matt is singing way too much on these albums. More music and riffs, less singing, and scream when necessary. I know they can do it, these guys made 2 of the best metal albums ever with Shogun and Ascendency!”

Jimmy Stokes wrote: “Their weird ‘artsy’ phase needs to end and they need to get back to the metal. This insistance of bands to ‘EVOLVE’ is annoying and ruins the sound of the bands most of the time.”

Scott Stewart wrote:  “They just seem to not be sure who they are. One album they’re metalcore, one they’re thrash, one they’re classic/progressive, one they’re emo…I just wish they’d figure it out.”