Twenty One Pilots singer Tyler Joseph told Alternative Press in a new interview that he’s feeling less pressure to repeat the success of the band’s current album, Blurryface, and more creative freedom for the duo’s next effort. Joseph explained, “I felt a lot more pressure going from (2013 effort) Vessel to Blurryface. It didn’t happen the way (industry people) talk about it . .. What we did was still different from their formula. Because it got beyond a certain point, I feel so much confidence that I can look at those people and look at myself and say, ‘I know what we’re making is for a group of people out there that want to hear it.’ That’s all the confidence I need.”

Drummer Josh Dun told us that the band is constantly being inspired as they prepare to write new music: [“I mean, we’re always kind of listening to music and kind of being inspired by different stuff every day. Whether, you know, that inspiration comes from music or even just kind of like interactions that we have with people or experiences that we have throughout the day, there’s always kind of like different inspirations and then different ideas for songs.”] SOUNDCUE(:15 OC: . . . .ideas for songs.)

  • Tyler Joseph said in the same AP interview that at one point it was suggested that Twenty One Pilots change their sound to be more like Mumford & Sons and release the folk-flavored “House Of Gold” from Vessel as a single.
  • Joseph explained, “There was that moment where it looked like ‘House Of Gold’ was going to be the single that was going to represent who we are. That was the song all the labels said, ‘That’s the hit, let’s do this’ . . . All that stuff — Mumford, Lumineers, Of Monsters And Men — was hitting hard back then. Fortunately, we had enough people who understood what we were about and said, ‘The song is good, but it’s not the full experience.’”
  • Blurryface is Twenty One Pilots’ fourth and biggest album to date. It features the Number One modern rock hits “Stressed Out” and “Ride.”


  • Can you imagine Twenty One Pilots sounding more like Mumford & Sons?
  • How lame is it that the record labels would want the band to change their sound just to cash in on a current trend?
  • What would you do in that position? Would you go for the possible fame and money or stick to your guns?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Alternative Press — agree or not?

Stephen Curtis wrote: “I love Tyler’s brutal honesty. This also has me pretty darn excited for the next record!”

Lillian Laratta wrote: “There is no band at this level of success (or even a few rungs below) who are as truly ‘punk’ as these two. Keep doing it your way, gentlemen.”

Mark Ayers wrote: “This right after their most formulaic pop song yet dropped. This stinks of sellout damage control.”

Laura Lee Robbins wrote: “Impressed, good music too.”

Melissa Ramirez wrote: “I like how Tyler can write a book as an answer even if you ask him what his favorite color is. He sees the smallest things that usually don’t make sense to anyone else and describes how they are good and how they are bad.”