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There are a lot of parallels in rock concerts, but fans of Twenty One Pilots have been up in arms about The Chainsmokers stage setup for The Bandito Tour. They say it’s been copied.

Both bands are currently on world tours and as photos and videos from the first show of The Chainsmokers’ tour started surfacing online, fans started pointing out similarities and some are angry about it.

Both shows have flame torches and floating walkways. Fan’s complained that it was purposefully done.

Twenty One Pilots member Josh Dun’s fiancée, Debby Ryan found herself in the drama. She responded to a comment from a fan on Instagram who asked her “Ok, but how do you feel about The Chainsmokers literally copying everything Tyler and Josh do.” Ryan simply replied to the fan by saying, “Who?”

After picking up on the story, The Chainsmokers posted a photo on Twitter and wrote, “We debuted the flares in March 2018 at Ultra and have used them at 200+ shows since, but sure, keep saying we stole it.”

At last check, there was no response from Twenty One Pilots.