Referring to the making of the new Twenty One Pilots video, lead vocalist, Tyler Joseph says, “Music videos are the closest thing to manual labor that musicians do. It kinda takes me out of it.” He also commented on having to get up early…5:30 is too early for any musician. The 28 year old performs in an orange jumpsuit and walks the corridors of a prison to get his point across in the video for “Heathens.”

  • Rolling Stone calls them the Biggest New Band of the Past Year.
  • In mid-January, Twenty One Pilots had a Top 10 single (“Stressed Out”) and the country’s Number Three album, lodged between Justin Bieber and One Direction.
  • Weeks ago, they announced a 58-date arena tour, including two nearly sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden.
  • From Ohio, Twenty One Pilots have been together for 7 years.
  • They play tonight (July 5) in Spring, Texas.
  • The band told Rolling Stone the name Twenty One Pilots came from an Arthur Miller play, All My Sons, that Joseph was reading at Ohio State, about a war contractor who knowingly sends off faulty airplane parts to Europe during World War II, afraid that he’d lose money if he fessed up to the mistake; the decision resulted in the death of 21 airplane pilots. It resonated with Joseph, who declined a basketball scholarship from Otterbein University to focus on music. “I could relate to the fact that making the right decision in life sometimes takes more work,” says Joseph. “It takes more time, and it can feel like you’re going backward.”


Watch the making of the video for “Heathens” here:

The full video here: