Two singers have hinted that they may be finalists for the open frontman position in Stone Temple Pilots. According to Alternative Nation, auditions begin in Los Angeles on April 18th and STP has announced on Facebook that they have chosen finalists to try out in person. Under that post, former Fuel singer Toryn Green commented, “This has been an amazing experience . . . Good luck to you all! -TG.” Another contender, John Borja, posted in response, “Toryn Good Luck Bruh!” to which Green answered, “And to you John!”

  • Toryn Green’s audition was one of many posted online for fans to see, and he recently responded to criticism of his audition, explaining, “I’m 40 now, but a decade ago, when Fuel had their open auditions and I was selected after months for that position, I was stylistically altered to fit THAT band during THAT time.”
  • He continued, “A lot of the flack I’m reading on here about me is purely superficial, (chains, ripped jeans etc) but what you are failing to realize is the context . . . Do I realize that STP is a different type of band with a different stylistic creative approach to musical expression, AND that this is 2016? Absolutely.”
  • Green joined Fuel in 2006 as a replacement for Brett Scallions and recorded one album with the band, 2007’s Angels & Devils.
  • Ironically, Green’s previous band, Something To Burn, attracted the attention of original STP singer Scott Weiland, who wanted to sign the group to his custom label before Green took the job with Fuel instead.
  • STP decided to accept open submissions for a new vocalist after singer Chester Bennington exited the lineup in 2015 to focus on his other band, Linkin Park.
  • Scott Weiland, who STP parted ways with in 2002 and again in 2013, died last December, dashing any hopes that the band might reunite again with him.

CHECK IT OUT: Here’s Toryn Green’s audition video: