The moderator of Tool‘s official website recently visited the band’s rehearsal loft and offered an update on the progress of their long-awaited new album. He wrote, “At this stage of the writing/arranging process . . . there are only a couple of ‘shorter’ songs left to complete(?), along with a segue or two or three.” He added, “Of course, we need to keep in mind any changes that might be needed to accommodate the vocals, etc., once all of the arrangements are finished.”

The instrumental members of Tool have traditionally worked out all the music and arrangements first before having singer Maynard James Keenan come in and start working on vocals. GuitaristAdam Jones told us how the band puts its songs together: [“We’ve got lots of material. Our strongest thing is jamming. But grouping stuff together — and that’s kind of how we work, you know, we jam and then you kind of go, ‘Wow, this works with this really well’ — and then you jam those two things and see if you can get ’em to work.”] SOUNDCUE (:12 OC: . . . ’em to work.)

  • In an interview late last year, Jones gave an update on the band’s long-awaited fifth studio album, saying, “Things are really flowing and going really well, and I’m just blown away at the stuff that’s coming together.”
  • More recently, however, Keenan was asked about the new Tool album and said, “We’ve found a common ground. We just can’t seem to move forward.” Keenan did not elaborate on why the band couldn’t “move forward.”
  • Tool completed a short, 17-date winter tour at the end of January but did not preview any new songs.
  • May 2nd will mark the 10th anniversary of the arrival of the last Tool album, 10,000 Days.
  • Keenan and his side band Puscifer are currently on a lengthy North American tour in support of their third album, Money Shot. The trek stops in Portland, Maine on Friday (April 8th).

CHECK IT OUT: Here’s Maynard James Keenan as Puscifer character Major Douche in a video teaser for the band’s European tour:

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Whip wrote: “MJK, put some time in, man. Without Tool, you’re just a… well– a tool! A wine making, narcissistic, whiny tool. Shrug off Tool for much longer and see how many fans are coming out to see Puscifer, labor of love or not. Get back on the horse, dude. Time, she’s a wastin’.”

Sheldon Spradling wrote: “The long Hiatus and time taking to finish this album has never been because of MJK dragging his feet. Pay attention.”