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Volbeat has issued a statement explaining why the group abandoned a concert after playing just one song last Thursday (October 2nd) at Belfast, Ireland’s Ulster Hall. The band launched into set opener “Pelvis On Fire,” only for frontman Michael Poulsen to walk off the stage a couple of minutes into the track.

He came back out and told the crowd: “We’re having technical issues with the guitars and I can’t really hear what’s going on, which means I can’t play. But we’re going to give it a shot, okay?” But after launching briefly into the song again, Poulsen stopped and left the stage a second time, saying, “Sorry, sorry. It’s not going to work.”

Volbeat later released a statement which read, “We in Volbeat want to extend our most heartfelt apologies for having to cancel tonight’s show in Belfast. As many of you know, Michael has been having some throat issues and we ran into multiple technical issues on stage that prevented the band from being able to hear each other play.”

The band continued, “It was decided that had he continued to play the show this way he would have risked blowing out his voice again and having to cancel even more shows. We’re gutted that we weren’t able to perform for you tonight, but we will be back to reschedule the show as soon as we possibly can.”

Poulsen told us a while back that delivering as a live act is very important to Volbeat: [“You know, just as long as people show up to the shows and they’re having a good time, and when they walk home or drive home that, you know, they say this was definitely something special, we’re gonna support this band. For us it’s very important that we go up there and give everything we have, and that people appreciate it, because we definitely appreciate being able to be here.”] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . . to be here.)

The aborted performance came just days after Volbeat were forced to cancel a show in Bristol “due to illness,” but the band is continuing with the rest of its European trek for now.