Volbeat has issued a new lyric video for “The Bliss,” a new song from the Danish-American act’s upcoming album Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie. “The Bliss” is not only very accessible, but even features a banjo solo. Guitarist Rob Caggiano told us that Volbeat follows very few rules when it comes to music: [“It’s one of the coolest things about this band for me, it’s like there’s no real boundaries, you know, like musical boundaries, so to speak. So it just makes it really fresh and interesting. So yeah, I mean, if you’re asking if there’s like some kind of Volbeat formula, I don’t think that exists (laughs).”] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . think that exists.)

  • “The Bliss” follows on the heels of the band’s current single, “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown,” which has already climbed into the Top Five at rock radio.
  • Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie arrives on June 3rd and is the follow-up to 2013’s Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies.
  • Volbeat will spend most of the summer in Europe, returning in August for Seether‘s Rise Above festival in Maine on August 6th, the Heavy Montreal event on August 7th, and an opening slot for Metallica at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on August 8th.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the eerie lyric video for “The Bliss”:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Igor Kountsevich wrote: “What happened to these guys? They used to be cool. Now this is like a song from the 80s teen comedy movie with modern production..wtf.”

Nikki Curtis wrote: “After hearing the first song from the new album, I got fired up…couldn’t wait to hear more and for the release…now after hearing this song…fire went out.”

Gaël De Temmerman wrote: “These guys have one of the best singers (well, one of the most original) voices in metal/ rock nowadays. All they need is some really good songs! That could really push ’em to the next level!”

Lester Jameson wrote: “cool tune. they have variety, instead of the same boring garbage.”

Claus Mikkelsen wrote: “i really liked their older stuff but i think they have gone a little too poppy…but hey if it works for them more power to them.”