• It’s been over three years since Underoath has played a show together.
  • The band broke up back in 2013 but reformed summer of last year.
  • They have also attained a new member, Aaron Gillespie.
  • Check out their tour which includes a vast amount of the United States and a bit of Canada.

0:00:36 Breathing In a New Mentality
0:03:42 In Regards to Myself
0:07:23 Young and Aspiring
0:11:12 There Could Be Nothing After This
0:14:18 The Blue Note
0:14:59 It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
0:20:16 Down, Set, Go (First time ever played live)
0:26:44 A Moment Suspended in Time
0:31:14 You’re Ever So Inviting
0:36:46 Reinventing Your Exit
0:43:10 A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White
0:53:43 Writing on the Walls
1:00:32 Everyone Looks So Good From Here

Aaron Gillespie – drums / vocals
Grant Brandell – bass
Spencer Chamberlain – vocals
Chris Dudley – Synthesizer
James Smith – Guitar
Tim McTague – Lead Guitar