Hey Ronin,

Ninja here- As you know if you listen to the Dojo Show from 2-6pm on X1069, you know we break the most music around-

As a busy dude everyday, it’s going to be a challenge to keep up with blogs and information dissemination on formats like this.  I’m a social media guy, but I’m also a producer, director, Ops Manager, and designer for X1069.  But for me, music is the most important thing.

We are always adding to X1069’s incredible rotation, so each week, I’ll try and let you all know what we’ve added so if you can’t figure out who sings a song you here on X1069, from here on out, you can check our Monday blogs and hopefully you can figure it out!

Sooner than later, we want to be able to stream the song titles and artists over our RDS screen, so you cats with digital radios won’t have to track it all our music down, but until then, keep checking in here!


This week, We added:


Bobaflex- Mamma (Don’t Take My Drugs away)- This song has a little throwback to the ’80s Hair Metal bands, but don’t worry, Bobaflex’s unique hard-hitting sound isn’t toned down!  Neither is the party mentality!  Be listening for it!


Venom Cover

Bullet for my Valentine- You Want a Battle? – BFMV is hitting their stride with their 5th studio album (Aug. 14th) and this is the single!  It’s everything you’ve come to expect from these guys:  Hard and driving while maintaining the Pop-Edge that many bands fail to balance upon.  We break it first!


In This Moment

In This Moment- Sex Metal Barbie- If you haven’t fallen in Lust with Maria Brink yet, what in the hell are you waiting for?  This Sex Metal Barbie pretty much explains herself and her sound in this picture- If you you love In This Moment, you “Belong in this scene”!  X1069 has it before everyone else!


So there you go!  Those are just the highlights!  Keep checking in with us each week to learn more about what you are hearing on The New Generation of Rock!