Yesterday, Billboard posted an exclusive premiere of Skillet’s new lyric video for “The Resistance.” The footage is from a show at the Creation Festival East in Mount Union, Pennsylvania, shot last month. The writing of “The Resistance” was inspired by the presidential election. And singer/bassist John Cooper said: “There was all of this anger coming out from all different directions. I felt that it was a time where people’s voices needed to be heard. People wanted to fight for what they believed in. The song is saying – you can make the world a better place.”  The band became the first Christian rock act to ever rule the Mainstream Rock Songs chart with “Feel Invincible,” the lead single from the album, which was also Skillet’s first #1 on the list. The new song debuted at #38 on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart and is from Skillet’s 10th studio album, Unleashed.