According to Pulse of Radio X Ambassadors have teamed up with the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) on a new video for the song “Unsteady” to support the work being done by WWP, and to honor the sacrifices made by wounded veterans across the country. The newly released video features vignettes from wounded veterans and interviews with all four band members, who feel a strong connection to their veteran fans since getting their start in a military town.

Frontman Sam Harris said, “We got our start down in a radio station in Norfolk, Virginia, which is a big naval hub. We started off from the very beginning with a very loyal core fan base of veterans and their families. We have received a lot of emails and messages from families whose spouses are overseas or who have been wounded in combat.”

  • The band was also moved to participate in this project after witnessing a veteran friend suffering from post-traumatic stress.
  • X Ambassadors’ debut album, VHS, was recently certified gold for sales of more than half a million copies. The set features the Number One modern rock radio track “Renegades.”
  • The band began a new North American tour last week that takes them to Columbus, Ohio on Friday (July 15th).
  • The group acknowledged earlier this month that guitarist Noah Feldshuh is “taking an indefinite hiatus to deal with some personal issues.”