British act Young Guns have debuted a new song called “Bulletproof,” the first single from their upcoming fourth album. The CD is set to come out in August and the title has yet to be revealed. Singer Gustav Wood told Alternative Press about the track, “We recorded it at House of Loud in New Jersey with the brilliant David Bendeth this February, and are really excited with the results . .. it’s a big anthemic rock song and we hope you dig it as much as we do.”

Wood told us a while back how the band goes about writing songs: [“It’s just kind of try everything and see what works. Usually I suppose John (Taylor, guitar) or Fraser (Taylor, guitar) will bring either a riff or a vague kind of idea for a finished song, and then we’ll all sit down and kind of tear it apart and build it into something that we’re all happy with.”] SOUNDCUE (:11 OC: . . . all happy with.)

  • “Bulletproof” features Chris Kamrada on drums. Young Guns recently parted ways with its drummer, Ben Jolliffe. saying in a statement, “Our paths are simply headed in different directions and we agreed on this being the best thing to do for all of us.”
  • Young Guns will appear on this summer’s Warped Tour, which kicks off on June 24th in Dallas.
  • The last Young Guns studio effort, Ones And Zeros, arrived in June 2015 and featured the song “I Want Out.” The band hit Number One on the rock chart in 2013 with “Bones,” the title track from its second studio effort.

CHECK IT OUT: Listen to the new Young Guns single:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Alternative Press — agree or not?

Ian Darrah wrote: “I love it, sounds great! I’m already hooked! I do wish it was a little more like the stuff they did on ‘Ones and Zeros’, but that’s really just a minor complaint.”

Darren Napier wrote: “‘Ones and Zeros’ was just simply immense but I guess for a band you can’t keep releasing the same material, there has to be a point of change and diversity. This new album may take a few more listens to enjoy.”

Danish Meman wrote: “much better. closer to the sound of their first and second album. Ones and Zeros was a step in the wrong direction, even though it had a few catchy songs.”

Darren Malone wrote: “Rocking! more guitars = more better.”

Samuel Linnett wrote: “Great song. Stop comparing old records. Each album is different for a reason.”