AFI frontman Davey Havok spoke briefly with Billboard about working with the instrumental members of No Doubt in a new project that was announced just this past February. Havok explained, “Those guys approached me to work with them and I was really honored that they would even consider me. And when we started writing it was just sparks and it’s been great working with them.”

He added, “It’s a little premature to talk about it, so I can’t go too deep into it. It doesn’t sound like any of the music I’ve worked on before. I can’t say what it sounds like, so it is another outlet for me that is very inspirational and fulfilling.”

  • The quartet, which has yet to select a name, has reportedly completed an album’s worth of songs and was seeking a label deal.
  • The other members of the new band — bassist Tony Kanal, guitarist Tom Dumont and drummer Adrian Young — have been playing together with singer Gwen Stefani as No Doubt since the late 1980s.
  • ​Although No Doubt released an album in 2012 — its first in 11 years, titled Push And Shove — and toured as late as last year, Stefani is now focusing on her solo career.
  • As for AFI, that group released its last studio effort, Burials, in 2013 and toured behind it, but has been quiet since then.
  • Havok and AFI guitarist Jade Puget launched a punk act called XTRMST in 2014, while their 15-year-old electronic music project, Blaqk Audio, will issue a new disc titled Material on April 15th.

SIDE NOTES: Davey Havok told Billboard why he and Jade Puget continue to make new Blaqk Audio music after 15 years, saying, “It’s very fulfilling for me to do Blaqk Audio because I’m singing in different ways than I do with a rock band, propelled to do so by way of being inspired by the electronic music that Jade makes. The electronic genre of music is something that has appealed to us for many years, since we were very, very young.”

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CHECK IT OUT: Here’s the first song from the new Blaqk Audio album, titled “Waiting To Be Told”: