Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody helped organize a donation of sleeping bags to a non-profit that serves homeless youth, according to Colorado Springs outlet Fox 21 News. An organization called Urban Peak was presented with a total of 50 sleeping bags courtesy of a local rock station and Moody. Moody, who is originally from the Denver area, wanted to help out the local shelters when he was in Colorado Springs with his bandmates last week. He then contacted the radio station, which was able to get the donation organized. Asked in a 2013 interview what it was about Colorado that made it special for him, Moody responded, “It’s just such a beautiful place. I’ve seen the world three times over, and I’ll tell you what, man, Colorado encompasses every element of every other place . . . there’s just so many positives to outweigh the negatives. There’s a sense of family in Colorado; there’s such a pride factor there.” Five Finger Death Punch is continuing to tour in support of its latest album, And Justice For None, which came out in May.