Lindsay Lohan has been rebuilding her life in the U.K. and is reportedly trying to launch a career comeback.

A source told People magazine, “Looking back, she realizes it was a messy period. She didn’t know how else to live and didn’t know she had a choice sometimes. I think she’s embarrassed by a lot of her past but I think her goal is to live normally and silently. Now she has her own money and her own place, and it’s the first time of her living more on her own.”

  • The insider added, “When it’s announced she has a new project, it will be handled professionally. If she sticks to what she’s doing and stays focused, she’ll be okay.”
  • While Lindsay works to rebuild her career, her parents are working to rebuild their relationship on VH1’s Family Therapy.
  • Her sister, Ali Lohan, has been working on launching a music career.


  • Do you think we’re ready for a LiLo comeback?
  • What do you think Lindsay’s next move should be?
  • Do you think Lindsay destroyed her reputation beyond repair?