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In June, Prophets of Rage released, “Made With Hate,” and in an interview with BBC Radio, member Tom Morello wasn’t clear on when a new album would follow. He said: “We talk among ourselves: ‘What does an album mean? There used to be one way to do it. You would write an album, you’d record an album, you’d do six months of promotion and then the record would do X, Y and Z.’” He was, however, clear on the fact that there is new music coming soon. He said, “In light of the recent gun violence, we’ve got a very timely song that we’re gonna put out hopefully in the next couple of days.” He added, “When the band came together in 2016, it was a reaction to the chaotic U.S. election cycle. And we had to do more than tweet about it.” The Prophets of Rage’ self-titled album came out in 2017 and debuted at #3 and #4 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart as well as the Top Rock Albums chart.