• Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland is auctioning off various gold and platinum records he received for his work with the band over the years, in addition to various guitars he no longer uses. A portion of each auction will go towards cat rescues in Detroit. Borland explained his decision to unload all his old awards, saying; “No, LB isn’t over, nor does me selling a bunch of stuff that’s taking up space have anything to do with my feelings about the band. I don’t like gold records. I think they look tacky and I don’t need them to remind me of what I’ve done . . . It’s f**king awesome to give people that want this stuff the chance to have it instead of it going into the Hard Rock in Warsaw or wherever.” (The PRP)
  • Deftones have released an online stream of “Hearts/Wires” — the track that guitarist Stephen Carpenter didn’t want to play when he first heard it. giving him negative feelings toward the band’s new album Gore. Carpenter said, “In the beginning I wasn’t too inspired by what was going on . . . Once I got over my BS about it and dug into it, I found a place where I like it and have fun. It ended up one I liked the most.” (The PRP)
  • Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford‘s new band Wakrat has shared a new song called “Knucklehead” as well as a video for it. Wakrat formed last year and played its first show last September, with Commerford saying, “I am as excited about Wakrat and what we’re doing musically as I was when Rage Against The Machine first started.” The trio has nearly completed recording its debut album and will make a series of European festival appearances this summer. (Loudwire)

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Listen to Deftones’ “Hearts/Wires”:

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