Sick Puppies and Red Sun Rising kick off the 2016 HardDrive Live tour on Friday night (April 22nd) in Houston. The tour wraps up on May 21st in St. Louis and also features Stitched Up Heart,Hudson and Smashing Satellites. This will be Sick Puppies’ first full tour with new singer/guitarist Bryan Scott, and drummer Mark Goodwin said the trio has a new sense of freedom:[“Definitely there’s a fresh beginning, so I think all around, just down to the people we worked with, it’s all new, so it’s kind of a refreshing sort of situation, which we haven’t really had in the past. And you know, obviously with Bryan it’s a new chapter, so all around a good positive thing. But it’s definitely like a new era for us.”] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . era for us.)

  • Sick Puppies will also make several festival stops while on the HardDrive Live trek, including Welcome To Rockville on May 1st, Carolina Rebellion on May 6th and Rock On The Range on the weekend of May 20th.
  • Sick Puppies will release their fifth studio album this spring.
  • The band parted ways with original frontman Shim Moore in October 2014 after 17 years and four studio albums.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch the lyric video for the new Sick Puppies single, “Stick To Your Guns”:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Loudwire — agree or not?

Shauna Brock wrote: “I can’t say it enough – this was worth every second of the wait. And it goes beyond the idea that maybe it’s time to change. This is about keeping moving forward and not stopping. I love it. Love these guys.”

Dustin Alcock wrote: “After that last horrendous album, I have a feeling Bryan is going to help bring the band back to life!”

Sarah Carver wrote: “I still miss the original sick puppy trio. i dont think bryan scott matches shim’s vocal strength at all. But i do like this song and I’m eager to hear more…i do think the music overall is better than the last album. i think they are doing what they want to do, whereas the last album did not have a sick puppy feel at all.”